With more than 20 years of experience in exclusive product development (www.anco.design) and our motivation to inspire people to become the best version of themselves, we are the BrainHeart behind

YoRoller- the first MODULARY conceived and PORTABLE FlyWheel Working Station based on FlyWheel Technology.

Inspired by natural sciences and our passion for challenging the status quo, we are on a Mission to develop  new innovations for personal growth.

We focus on the sustainable use of natural resources and transform them into functional tools for people who want to make a difference in their community - starting with themselves.


We were initially fascinated by the huge amount of ENERGY that can be stored in a small spinning FlyWheel and wondered why a FlyWheel Training Device - whose "heart" weighs only 2-3 kilograms - has to have a huge volume, weigh up to 260 kilograms and costs up to 9.000 Euros...

We focused on the essential, invented and developed the Ti(e)Roller who become later the YoRoller.



First concept, inertial moment tests, market research, development of prototype generations 1 & 2


We became the idea to build a MODULARY based training device. Further  development, engineering, inertial moment tests, prototype generation 3, functional tests.

Prototypes generation 4 and 5, industrial design, intensive internal testing with remarkable results. Further marketing researches.

17th November 2017

German patent application.

Marketing concept, website, movies, cooperations with personal trainer and physiotherapists.

February 2018

Inventing and development of the PROfessional variant with case with openable side walls and accessible interior.

14th February 2018

Subsequent patent application.

​​April 2018

Market presentation of "TiRoller", the first "Portable Flywheel Workout Station", as tool for conditional training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, to the FIBO Cologne.


Further inventing and development of the core of the device, in order to ensure the convenient assembly, the surveillance and the replacement of the traction band.

22nd April 2018

The securing of the IP on the new invention:

​​16th Nov. 2018

PCT-Application PCT/EP2018/081642 with the claim of earlier German priorities.

"TiRoller" won the „ISPO Brand New Award 2019!“ in the category "FITNESS".

New brand.

January 2019

Awarding of the "ISPO Brand New Award 2019!" in the category "Fitness", to "YoRoller".

23. May 2019 Publication of the PCT-Application WO2019/097027A1 based on PCT/EP2018/081642.


National and regional subsidiary patents based on PCT application WO2019097027A1, have been applied for.


Sequel follows.


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